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Fire Hose Reels

    Fire Hose Reel -  A fire hose reel is a device used to store and dispense fire hoses in case of fire emergencies. It consists of a cylindrical drum that holds the fire hose, a hose guide for orderly winding and unwinding of the hose, and a nozzle that allows the user to control the flow of water. Fire hose reels are usually installed in strategic locations within buildings, such as corridors, stairways, and near exits, to provide quick access to water in case of fire. They are an essential component of firefighting systems in commercial and residential buildings.


    Fire Extinguishers - Fire extinguishers are portable devices used to extinguish small fires. They are usually filled with a dry chemical powder, foam, or water and are designed to be used by a single person. Fire extinguishers are typically found in commercial and residential buildings, and are often required by fire safety regulations. They are an essential component of firefighting systems and can be used to quickly put out small fires before they spread.



    Fire Hose Reel 36m / 36m Slimline / 36m Stainless Steel / 50m / Lay Flat Hose Reel

    All products sold fully comply with all relevant regulations and Australian Standards and are work-cover and JAS-ANZ compliant.
    We pride ourselves on quality products, low prices and first class customer service.

    fire hose reel

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