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Lithium Ion Battery Fire Extinguishers

This product is for sale and distribution only in Australia and New Zealand for which they bear the relevant safety certificates for these Regions, exclusively. Li-Ion Fire Solutions branded fire extinguishers with the F-500EA logo are not to be sold or shipped outside Australia or New Zealand

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The LI-ion Fire Solution extinguisher is a water-type fire extinguisher with the F-500 Encapsulator agent. This Extinguisher has been manufactured and approved to Australian Standard AS/NZS1841.2 and tested as per the requirement of AS1850 for class A and F fires.


Extensive testing has been performed, and this cooling agent performs exceptionally well against lithium-Ion Battery Fires. The 4L LI-ion Fire Solution Extinguisher has been tested on a 2.4kWh Li-ion battery fire. The 9L Lithium-Ion Fire Extinguisher has been tested on a 4.8KWh Lithium-Ion battery fire.


We encourage you to discuss your fire needs with your Fire Service provider to ensure that you are covered for all Fire-types not just Lithium-Ion Battery Fires.


This Extinguisher is not for use on 100V AC or higher voltage Electrical Fires.

  • Size: 4L

  • Rating: 2A:3F

  • Standards Approval: AS/NZS 1841.2

  • BSI Benchmark No. BMP520107

  • Extinguisher Dimensions:

  • Height: 495mm

  • Width: 130mm

  • Size: 9L Stainless Steel

  • Rating: 2A:10B:4F

  • Standards Approval: AS/NZS 1841.2

  • BSI Benchmark No. BMP520107

  • Extinguisher Dimensions:

  • Height: 638mm

  • Width: 180mm

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Fire Extinguisher for Lithium Ion Battery

Normal fire extinguishers are not suitable for lithium battery fires. 
As more and more consumer products now use lithium batteries within them,
the chances of lithium battery fire occurring are increasing. 
These fires can be difficult to control, and pose a threat to property if they occur.

All products sold fully comply wth all relevant regulations and Australian Standards and are work-cover and JAS-ANZ compliant.
We pride ourselves on quality products, low prices and first class customer service.

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