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Safeguard with 50m Fire Hose Reel - Heavy Duty Build, Activfire Listed, Warranty Included


The 50m Fire Hose Reel from Fire Products Direct is your first line of defence against Class A fires. Designed to Australian Standards AS/NZS 1221, this heavy-duty reel boasts a ribbed PVC hose construction and zinc-plated steel support assembly, guaranteeing durability and reliability. Activfire listed, it meets the stringent requirements for use in government buildings, offering peace of mind in critical situations. Included components such as the mounting bracket, inlet pipe, ball valve, hose guide, and connection fitting ensure versatile usage across commercial and residential settings. Backed by a 12-month warranty, this fire hose reel is a must-have for any safety-conscious individual or organization. 


- Heavy Duty Build: 50m Fire Hose Reel measures 50m x 19mm and is suitable for Class A Fires. Activfire listed, ensuring compliance with Australian Standards.

- Versatile Usage: Includes mounting bracket, inlet pipe, ball valve, hose guide, and connection fitting. Ideal for commercial and residential use and is suitable for various fire scenarios.

- Activfire Listed: Certified for use in government buildings, assuring quality and reliability.

- Warranty Included: Comes with a 12-month warranty when installed and maintained according to Australian standards.

- Durable Construction: Made to Australian Standards AS/NZS 1221, featuring ribbed PVC hose construction and zinc-plated steel support assembly.

- Easy Installation: Supplied with all necessary components for hassle-free mounting and setup.

- Safety Compliance: Activfire listed, suitable for Class A fires, ensuring safety and compliance in diverse environments.

Fire Hose Reel 50 Metre

$396.95 Regular Price
$347.71Sale Price
GST Included
  • It is important to keep the fire hose reel in good condition and ready for use of Fire Hose Reel 50m:

    • Tidy up and avoid getting in the way- True when you have the hose in one place, you can avoid tripping on it. With this equipment, it can provide a safe storage for your water expelling devices.
    • Keeps your hose in good condition- Since you will keep it out of the way, your hoses can maintain their shape. Aside from that, you can avoid accidental punctures on this equipment that could render them useless at times when you need them the most.
    • Ease of use- A fire hose reel is not only limited for fire use only. It is actually an advantage on your part to have them because you can use them for all activities involving you hose. In case of fire, you do not have to worry about going through the trouble of handling them because these devices are designed to make everything for your convenience. Thus, you can do everything that you could while you wait for the fire fighters to come. This way, you will be ready and it pays a lot especially in fire emergencies.
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