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Swing Arm Fire Hose Reel - Activfire Listed, Heavy Duty Build, 36m Length, AS/NZS 1221


Swing Arm 36m Fire Hose Reel is the ideal solution for fire safety needs. This heavy-duty hose reel is built to tackle most Class A Fires, including those involving paper, wood, textiles, and rubber. Activfire listed and compliant with Australian Standards AS/NZS 1221, it ensures the highest quality and durability. The swing arm mounting bracket, inlet pipe, ball valve, hose guide, and connection fitting make installation a breeze. Whether for commercial or residential use, this hose reel is perfect for preventing fires from escalating. Made with premium materials including ribbed PVC hose and zinc-plated steel, it offers longevity and reliability. The jet and spray brass nozzle ensure effective firefighting, while the red powder coat finish on the wall mounting bracket enhances visibility. 


- Heavy Duty Build: Swing Arm 36m Fire Hose Reel measures 36m x 19mm and is suitable for most Class A Fires. Activfire listed, compliant to Australian Standards AS/NZS 1221. 

- Versatile Usage: Includes swing arm mounting bracket, inlet pipe, ball valve, hose guide, and connection fitting for easy installation. Perfect for commercial and residential spaces, suitable for all age ranges.

- Certified Quality: Activfire listed for use in government buildings, ensuring the highest quality and compliance standards. Ideal for preventing fires from reaching a point beyond control.

- Durable Construction: Made with ribbed PVC hose, zinc-plated steel support assembly, galvanized steel inlet pipe & union, and zinc-coated brass isolation valve. Offers durability and longevity.

- Easy Maintenance: Designed to Australian standards AS2441:2005 and AS1851:2005 for easy servicing and maintenance. 

- Enhanced Safety: Features a jet and spray brass nozzle for effective firefighting. Swing arm wall mounting bracket with red powder coat finish for visibility and easy access.


36m Fire Hose Reel with Swing Arm

$331.50 Regular Price
$279.63Sale Price
GST Included
    • 36m Fire Hose Reel provide a reasonably accessible and controlled supply of water to a fire to extinguish it. All Fire Products Direct Fire Hose Reels comply with Australian Standard
    • Fire Hose Reels use a variety of natural and synthetic fabrics in their construction. These materials allow the hoses to be stored wet without rotting and to resist the damaging effects of exposure to sunlight and chemicals. Modern hoses are lighter weight and this has helped reduce the physical strain on fire fighters.
    • Having a fire hose reel allow  easily approach the location of the fire in case of an accident. In case of fire, it is not necessary to set up a very long hose. Also, the hose reel gives a controlled stream of water to the source of fire. A red round 36-metre long fire hose reel is the most common. It has 19mm semi-rigid round tube fixedly attached to a wall. In the whole world, this kind is preferred by firemen. It is more convenient and accessible to them to get into the location of the fire.
    • A fire hose reel should be able to readily provide a good flow of water  and since it will be spending a good amount of its lifetime unused, make sure to inquire about the wear and tear of the product.
    • Like any other equipment, hose reels have to be checked regularly for determination of irregularities like the need for replacement.

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