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LED Exit & Emergency Lights

LED Exit and Emergency Lights

LED exit and emergency lights are essential safety features in commercial and public buildings, providing illuminated guidance during emergencies or power outages. Here are some key points about LED exit and emergency lights:

LED Exit Signs
- LED exit signs are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and highly visible, making them ideal for indicating emergency exit routes.
- They typically feature the word "EXIT" or a running person pictogram in green lettering on a contrasting background.
- LED exit signs can be powered by batteries or connected to a building's emergency power supply for continuous illumination.

LED Emergency Lights
- LED emergency lights are designed to automatically illuminate when the main power supply fails, providing temporary lighting along evacuation paths.
- They come in various styles, including recessed ceiling lights, wall-mounted units, and compact "spitfire" models for versatile installation.
- LED emergency lights offer extended battery backup times compared to traditional options, ensuring reliable illumination during prolonged outage

Benefits of LED Technology
- LEDs have a significantly longer lifespan than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.
- They are energy-efficient, consuming less power and generating less heat, which contributes to lower operating costs and improved safety.
- LED exit and emergency lights are available in various lumen outputs to meet specific lighting requirements for different building sizes and layouts.

Compliance with Australian Standards for emergency escape lighting and exit signs is crucial when selecting and installing LED exit and emergency lighting systems.[3] Regular testing and maintenance are also essential to ensure these safety devices function correctly during emergencies.

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