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Extinguishers for Electrical Fires

For electrical fires, it's recommended to use Class C (E in Australia) fire extinguishers that are specifically labelled for electrical equipment. These extinguishers contain non-conductive materials such as carbon dioxide (CO2) or dry chemical agents that are safe to use on live electrical equipment and won't conduct electricity. It's important to always turn off the power source before attempting to extinguish an electrical fire.

CO2 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers are most commonly used to combat electrical fires. Class C fires are fires that involve electrical equipment, such as appliances, wiring, or electrical panels. The electrical current in these types of fires makes it dangerous to use water-based extinguishing agents, as they can conduct electricity and cause electrocution. For Class C fires, it's recommended to use fire extinguishers that are labelled as suitable for electrical fires and contain non-conductive extinguishing agents, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) or dry chemical agents.

What Fire Extinguishers type for Electrical Fire?

CO2 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers in Australia the extinguisher body is painted red and a black colour band wrapped around the top of the cylinder.

As long as the equipment that has caught fire remains connected to a live power source, that power will act as a continuous ignition source. Until it is removed, the fire will continue to burn and pose an electrocution hazard

Anyone who works in proximity to fire or ignition hazards familiar should be familar with fire extinguishers and how to use them. Most extinguishers operate using the PASS method:

  • P – Pull the pin on the fire extinguisher in order to break the tamper seal

  • A – Aim the fire extinguisher low, with the nozzle pointed at the base of the fire

  • S – Squeeze the handle of the fire extinguisher to release the extinguishing agent

  • S – Sweep the nozzle from side to side while pointing at the base of the fire until it is extinguished

There are 3 sizes of CO2 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers:

2Kg / 3 Kg / 5Kg

Fires are classified according to which material has caught fire. These classifications help firefighters and other individuals dealing with the situation to respond appropriately and choose the right method for extinguishing the fire.

Can you use a water extinguisher on an electrical fire?

Water fire extinguishers cannot be used on electrical fires. Water is a conductor of electricity, and as such it could cause extreme damage if a water fire extinguisher is used.

can foam fire extinguishers be used on electrical fires?

What is class c fire?

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