• 5kg CO2 carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is used to extinguish electrical fires, but it can also be used to extinguish Class B and E fires. This highly pressurized extinguisher contains carbon dioxide as its name suggest.

    • 5Kg CO2 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher
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5kg CO2 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

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  • 5Kg CO2 Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

    Fire Products Direct 5Kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher (Carbon Dioxide) is used on class B (Flammable Liquid) & E (electrical) fires. This type of extinguisher is suitable for use on fires involving burning liquids, but is also a good solution for quenching fires involving computer equipment and other electrical appliances, as it does not cause damage to the electrical items and does not cause the system to short circuit.

    5Kg CO2 Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher is the only model that is recommended for a fire that involves electrical equipment. This is due to the fact the carbon dioxide gas is non-conductive and that once it has been discharged does not produce or leave any kind of residue as would happen if a powder or foam model was deployed. Another great use of the CO2 extinguisher is on Class B fires that involve flammable liquids, making this quite a versatile product.

    When to Use CO2 Fire Extinguisher?

    CO2 extinguisher can be used to extinguish electrical fires and fires involving flammable liquids such as petrol.

    The carbon dioxide extinguisher should not be used in the following scenarios:

    • Fires involving flammable metals
    • Kitchen fires
    • Fires involving materials like paper or textiles.

    Where to Use CO2 Fire Extinguisher?

    This type of fire extinguisher works by suffocating the fire with CO2, causing the oxygen to be displaced and the fire to burn out.

    CO2 Fire extinguishers should be used by businesses with electrical equipment. Business such as:

    • Server rooms
    • Offices
    • Technology stores

    CO2 fire extinguishes should be stored next to the source of the fire risk and/or by the nearest fire exits.