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Weatherproof IP65 Exit Light with Smart Charger, LiFe PO4 Lithium Battery, 50,000 hr LED, and 3 3-year warranty

Weatherproof IP65 Exit Light is the ideal solution for ensuring safety whether indoors or outdoors. With its IP65 waterproof rating, this exit light can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it perfect for various applications. The smart charger feature ensures efficient charging of the LiFe PO4 Lithium Battery, prolonging its lifespan and providing reliable power during emergencies.


Featuring a 50,000 hr LED, this exit light is not only energy-efficient but also offers long-term durability, reducing maintenance costs over time. The included 3 3-year warranty, covering both the product and the battery, underscores the confidence we have in the quality and reliability of our product.


Designed for wall mounting, this exit light is easy to install and saves valuable space. Additionally, the inclusion of a Running Man Decal ensures clear exit signage, further enhancing safety measures.


Purchase your Weatherproof IP65 Exit Light today and enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a reliable and durable solution for emergency lighting needs. Made to Australian Standards and backed by our commitment to quality, this exit light is a must-have for any commercial or industrial space.


- Weatherproof IP65 Exit Light is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Built to withstand various conditions.

- Smart charger ensures efficient charging, extending the lifespan of the battery.

- LiFe PO4 Lithium Battery offers long-lasting power and reliability, providing peace of mind during emergencies.

- 50,000 hr LED ensures energy efficiency and longevity, reducing maintenance costs.

- 3 Year Warranty guarantees product quality and customer satisfaction. Includes battery coverage.

- Wall-mounted design for easy installation and space-saving solution.

- Includes 1x Running Man Decal for clear exit signage.


IP65 LED Exit Light

$271.33 Regular Price
$221.43Sale Price
GST Included
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