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Medium Plastic Fire Extinguisher Dome Cabinet

  • Suits: 9L/9Kg Water/DCP Extinguishers
  • Height: 720mm
  • Width: 320mm
  • Depth: 210mm

Medium Plastic Extinguisher Dome Cabinet

$477.10 Regular Price
$449.15Sale Price
GST Included
  • Medium Plastic Fire Extinguisher Dome Cabinet, specially tailored to accommodate 9L/9Kg Water and DCP Extinguishers. Your fire safety essentials deserve a reliable and purpose-built housing:

    • Perfect Fit: This cabinet is meticulously designed to snugly hold your 9L/9Kg Water or DCP Extinguishers, ensuring a secure fit that minimizes movement and potential damage.

    • Dome Dimensions: With dimensions of 720mm (H) x 320mm (W) x 210mm (D), it provides ample space for your extinguisher while remaining compact enough to fit into various locations.

    • Protect and Preserve: Your extinguishers are vital tools for fire safety. This cabinet shields them from environmental factors, maintaining their effectiveness when you need them most.

    Invest in the perfect housing for your fire safety essentials - choose the Medium Plastic Fire Extinguisher Dome Cabinet.

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