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Introducing the LI-ion Fire Solution Extinguisher: Your Ultimate Fire Safety Companion

The Li-ion Fire Solution Extinguisher engineered as a water-type extinguisher with the innovative F-500 Encapsulator agent, this extinguisher sets the benchmark for safety and performance.

Key Features:

- Versatile Protection: Approved to Australian Standard AS/NZS1841.2, and rigorously tested in accordance with AS1850, this extinguisher is primed to tackle class A, B, and F fires with unparalleled efficiency.
- Specialized Cooling Agent: Extensive testing has demonstrated exceptional performance against lithium-ion battery fires. The 4L variant has been rigorously tested on 2.4kWh Li-ion battery fires, while the 9L option has proven its efficacy against 4.8KWh Lithium-Ion battery fires.
- Safety Assurance: With a rating of 2A:10B:4F, this extinguisher offers peace of mind in the face of fire emergencies. The BSI Benchmark No. BMP520107 further underscores its reliability and quality.


Product Specifications:

- Size: 9L
- Standards Approval: AS/NZS 1841.2
- Dimensions: Height: 638mm, Width: 180mm


**Important Note:** While this extinguisher excels in combating lithium-ion battery fires, it is crucial to consult your Fire Service provider to ensure comprehensive coverage for all fire types. Please refrain from using this extinguisher on 100V AC or higher voltage electrical fires for safety reasons.

Equip yourself with the LI-ion Fire Solution Extinguisher today and safeguard your property against fire hazards. Don't compromise on safety – invest in peace of mind.


  • Model Number: FB9LF-500
  • Agent: F-500 EA
  • Fire Rating: 3A:10B:4F
  • Approvals: AS/NZS1841.2
  • Box Quantity: 1
  • Bracket: Wall
  • Cylinder Construction: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Cylinder Finish: Polished Stainless Steel
  • Product Dimensions: 638mmx180mm
  • Carton Dimensions: 190x190x650mm
  • Gross Mass: 12.2kg
  • Handle Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Hose/Horn: Yes
  • Single Units: Yes
  • Valve Finish: Brass
  • Valve Stem: Stainless Steel
  • Warranty: 12Months

9L F-500 Fire Extinguisher Suitable for Lithium-Ion Battery Fires

$399.12 Regular Price
$339.12Sale Price
GST Included
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