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Fire Extinguisher UV Protective Cover Bag- UV Resistance, Durable Material, Snug Fit, Suitable for 1kg-2.5kg DCP. Keep Your Safety Equipment Ready!


Fire Extinguisher UV Protective Cover Bag is the perfect solution for keeping your 1kg-2.5kg DCP fire extinguisher safe and protected. Crafted from durable UV-stable material, this cover bag provides maximum UV resistance and shields your extinguisher from harsh environments like manufacturing facilities or paint workshops. With measurements of 550mm x 330mm, it offers a snug fit for your extinguisher, ensuring reliable protection and extending its lifespan. Easy to use and quick to install, this cover bag keeps your safety equipment in top shape, ready for any emergency.

- UV Protective Cover Bag: Shield your fire extinguisher with maximum UV resistance. Made from durable UV-stable material.
- Snug Fit: Provides a secure fit for 1kg-2.5kg DCP fire extinguishers. Ensures reliable protection.
- Extends Lifespan: Protects your fire extinguisher from harsh environments, dust, and weather conditions. 
- Easy to Use: Simply slip the cover bag over your fire extinguisher for instant protection.
- Versatile Size: Designed for fire extinguishers measuring 550mm x 330mm. Suitable for 1kg-2.5kg DCP extinguishers.
- Peace of Mind: Ensure your safety equipment is always ready for action with our UV protective cover bag.


Fire Extinguisher UV Cover Bag

$5.85 Regular Price
$4.15Sale Price
GST Included

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