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This Large Fire Blanket is the perfect fire safety solution.  Made from fire-resistant fabric to effectively extinguish kitchen flames resulting from unexpected accidents.

Enclosed within a plush soft case and expanding to an impressive size of 1.8 meters by 1.8 meters when unfolded, these exceptional fire blankets should be strategically positioned within the kitchen area, ideally situated between the stove and the kitchen exit. Remember, our Fire Blankets are designed for single use and require prompt replacement after deployment. Our Fire Blanket design features a durable hard case for secure storage, along with convenient quick-release tabs that ensure effortless and swift access during emergencies.

Imbued with versatility, our Kitchen Fire Blankets prove invaluable in combatting small-scale fires that may arise within the confines of homes, BBQ areas, or caravan cooking spaces. Moreover, these blankets can serve as a protective escape shield, further enhancing their utility and effectiveness. Each blanket is encased within a soft, user-friendly carrying case, complete with intuitive quick-release tabs, facilitating swift deployment and ensuring peace of mind in critical situations.


The Power of Fire Blankets: A Guide to Use and Effectiveness

Fire Blanket 1.8m X 1.8m

$54.12 Regular Price
$40.15Sale Price
GST Included
  • A fire blanket is best for use on small fires. Fire blankets are designed to put out small fires before they get started. Composed of materials that won’t burn, they’re useful if you can’t put out a fire with water. Some cases where you might need a fire blanket include grease and oil fires and electrical fires. If the stove or pan catches fire, never apply water – instead, use your first blanket. These useful, reusable safety devices can be stored in the kitchen in an easy to reach place. Likewise, if someone’s clothing catches fire, a fire blanket can be wrapped around them to extinguish it.

    When a fire occurred it must have three sources - heat, fuel and oxygen. Removing one or more of these fire sources will cause the fire to extinguish. For example, when the fire service sprays water onto a burning building they are trying to cool the burning materials (the fuel) so they don't burn as easily. Some fire extinguishers spray foam over a fire and this prevents oxygen in the air from reaching the fuel and heat. Fire blankets work on the same principal, when you cover a fire with a fire blanket you are preventing air from getting to the fire thus removing the oxygen element and extinguishing the fire.

    Best suitable to use fire blanket when the fire is still small and manageable and only if you are confident enough to use them. Extinguishing a fire as early as possible can save thousands of pounds worth of damage and even lives. However, if you think the fire may be too large and you might risk harming yourself call the fire service immediately and raise the fire alarm if you have not already done so.

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