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Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Bracket - Heavy Duty, Powder Coated, Cannon Style


Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Bracket is the perfect solution for securing fire extinguishers in vehicles. It is heavy-duty, powder-coated, and cannon-style, ensuring durability and reliability. Made with high-quality materials, this bracket provides a secure hold for 9 Kg fire extinguishers, making it ideal for emergency response teams and fire safety professionals. Our bracket is easy to install and maintain, ensuring quick access during emergencies. Suitable for all vehicles, it guarantees safety and peace of mind on the road.


- Heavy Duty: Vehicle Bracket measures 9 Kg and is suitable for all vehicles. Ensures quality and durability. Black powder coated for longevity.

- Cannon Style: Includes one bracket for secure mounting. Perfect for emergency vehicle setups, suitable for professionals.

- Durable Construction: Sturdy design for a secure hold in any condition. Ideal for transporting fire extinguishers safely.

- Powder Coated Finish: Corrosion-resistant material for various vehicles. Perfect for emergency response teams.

- User-Friendly Design: Easy installation and maintenance for quick access during emergencies. Suitable for fire safety professionals.

- Secure Hold: Provides reliable support for 9 Kg fire extinguishers. Ensures stability during travel and emergencies.

- Quick Access: Enables swift retrieval of fire extinguishers in critical situations.

9Kg Fire Extinguisher Heavy Duty Coated Black Vehicle Bracket

$115.95 Regular Price
$86.95Sale Price
GST Included
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