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Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Protects with Break Glass and Key - Metal Finish, Suits 2kg to 4.5kg Extinguishers


The Fire Extinguisher Cabinet - Powder Coated - Up to 4.5kg ABE offers superior protection for your fire extinguishers with its durable metal construction and high-quality powder-coated finish. Designed to withstand harsh environments and prevent intentional misuse or theft, this cabinet features a break glass window with a key lock mechanism, ensuring secure access for servicing and emergency situations. Suitable for most 2kg to 4.5kg fire extinguishers, it provides versatile compatibility and easy installation, making it ideal for homes, offices, and commercial settings. Compact yet spacious, this cabinet is designed to save space while offering enhanced security features such as a 003 lock and UV-resistant coating. Made for reliability and convenience, the Fire Extinguisher Cabinet - Powder Coated - Up to 4.5kg ABE is essential to any fire safety setup, ensuring peace of mind and compliance with safety regulations. Made in Australia, this product prioritizes quality and functionality to meet the demands of various firefighting needs.


- Durable Metal Construction: The fire extinguisher cabinet is made of sturdy metal with a high-quality red powder-coated finish, ensuring long-lasting protection for your fire safety equipment.

- Break Glass and Key: Equipped with a break glass window and key lock mechanism, providing secure access for servicing and emergency situations, while deterring misuse and theft.

- Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for most 2kg to 4.5kg fire extinguishers, offering flexibility and convenience in protecting different areas and types of fire hazards.

- Easy Installation and Maintenance: Designed for hassle-free installation and maintenance, ensuring accessibility for routine checks and servicing without compromising security.

- Compact and Space-Saving: With dimensions of 560mm (H) x 280mm (W) x 203mm (D), the cabinet is compact yet spacious enough to accommodate standard-sized fire extinguishers.

- Enhanced Security Features: Includes a 003 lock and additional keys for added security measures, providing peace of mind in safeguarding essential firefighting equipment.

- Weather-Resistant Design: UV-resistant powder coating protects the cabinet from environmental elements, maintaining its integrity and appearance even in outdoor or exposed locations.



  • Height: 560mm
  • Width: 280mm
  • Depth: 203mm

4.5 kg Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

$145.50 Regular Price
$114.05Sale Price
GST Included
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