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What Is Fire Blanket?

Fire Blankets are ideal for use in kitchens, caravans, boats, and other places where cooking fats and oils are present and have the potential for igniting.

Fire blankets are used to smother and extinguish a small fire by stopping access to the oxygen fueling it. Primarily for use on hot oil fires in kitchens such as frying pans or small deep fat fryers. They can also be used on small bin fires or on someone whose clothing has caught fire. This fire blanket is stored in a tough and durable wall-mounted hard case.

Where To Use A Fire Blanket?

Fire blankets are most commonly located near the risk of class F cooking fires.

The kitchen is one of such places, as there is a high probability of fire breaking out even with simple mishaps like burning fat oils.

In addition to that, your garage, office, classroom and all types of vehicles can benefit from having a fire blanket readily accessible.

Fire blankets can also be used on clothes. If the clothes an individual is wearing catch fire, you need to wrap the blanket around the individual to smother the flames and put it out.

Proper fire blanket use can save your valuables or even the life of someone.

How To Store A Fire Blanket?

Fire blankets come in a quick-release PVC container, and you will need to store it along with the container to avoid any kind of contamination.

Generally, it is best to place fire blankets among travel paths or near the exit, but it must be practicable. Also, there must be enough room to readily grab the fire blanket and put it to use.

How to Use Fire Blanket On Person?

  • In the event a person’s clothing is on fire, release the Fire Blanket by tugging sharply on the tabs.

  • Wrap the blanket around your hands and hold slightly extended from your own body.

  • Wrap the blanket around the person and get them to lay on the floor. To enable swift suffocation of the fire and to ensure embers do not reignite, get the person to roll over on the floor until you are sure the fire is out.

  • Once the immediate danger has passed seek immediate medical attention even if the burns appear minor.

How to Use Fire Blanket On Cooking Oil?

  • Release the Fire Blanket by pulling sharply on the tapes at the bottom of the container. Once the fire blanket is free and if it is safe, turn off the heat source.

  • Hold the blanket as if shielding yourself, with the blanket extended in front, if possible covering your hands.

  • Do not throw the Blanket, gently lay it over the container that is on fire to smother the flames.

  • Do not be tempted to use the blanket to move the pan. Leave in situ until the pan has completely cooled. If at any point you feel the fire is too big to tackle, evacuate the building and call the Fire Brigade.

Fire Blanket

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