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F-500 Fire Extinguisher Suitable for Lithium-Ion Battery Fires

The Lithium-ion battery fire extinguisher is a water-type fire extinguisher with the F-500 Encapsulator agent. This Extinguisher has been manufactured and approved to Australian Standard AS/NZS1841.2 and tested as per the requirement of AS1850 for class A, B, and F fires. Extensive testing has been performed, and this cooling agent performs exceptionally well against lithium-Ion Battery Fires. The 4L LI-ion Fire Solution Extinguisher has been tested on a 2.4kWh Li-ion battery fire. The 9L Lithium-Ion Fire Extinguisher has been tested on a 4.8KWh Lithium-Ion battery fire.

Key Features

  • Rapid Cooling

  • Encapsulates Fuel

  • Interrupts Free Radical Chain Reaction

  • Drastic Cancer-Causing Toxin & Smoke Reduction

  • No Fluorinated Ingredients (PFOA/PFAS)

  • No Scalding Steam

Lithium-Ion batteries are widely used in electronic devices, including Tablets, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Power tools, Electric/Hybrid vehicles, Caravans/Motorhomes, Marine vessels, Emergency Lights, Recharge Stations, Public Transports, Mining vehicles, and Solar system batteries, etc.

Lithium-ion batteries are extremely sensitive to high temperatures and can become inherently flammable. Overcharged, overheated, short-circuited, and damaged Li-ion batteries have the potential to catch fire or explosion and might cause widespread damage.

We encourage you to discuss your individual fire needs with your Fire Service provider to ensure that you are covered for all Fire-types not just Lithium-Ion Battery Fires.

This Extinguisher is not intended for use on 100V AC or higher voltage Electrical Fires.

How does F-500EA (Lithium-Ion Fire Solution) work differently from an ABE/DCP Extinguisher on Lithium-Ion Battery Fires?

Lithium-ion batteries burn at an extremely high temperature. The key to stopping a Lithium-ion battery fire is to quickly remove the heat and stop the reaction of the electrode material with other components of the battery. F-500 Encapsulator Agent provides a perfect solution for both scenarios.”

Fire Classes

F-500 Lithium-Ion Fire Extinguishers

  • Lithium-Ion battery fires

  • Class A fires – Ordinary combustibles

  • Class B fires – Flammable and combustible liquids

  • Class F fires – Cooking oils & Fats

Where to Use F-500 Fire Extinguisher Suitable for Lithium-Ion Battery Fires?

  • Data centers

  • EV charging stations

  • Wind farms

  • Tesla & Electric car showrooms

  • Electric Vehicles: hybrid & electric cars, mobility scooters, golf carts

  • Home Batteries

  • Smartphones, Laptops &Tablets

Certified & Approved to AS/NZS 1841.2

F-500 is an innovative liquid multi-purpose extinguishing additive in concentrated form. Its mode of action is based on a rapid cooling effect, its functionality as a wetting agent and the micelle encapsulation. With these combined characteristics F-500 Encapsulator Agent is highly effective and ideal for fires of classes A, B and F.

F-500 Ensures Maximum Safety

  • Less danger of burns through the rapid cooling effect

  • No re-ignition danger

  • Simple and safe usage

  • Non-hazardous – fast and fully biodegradable

  • No health burden

  • Non-corrosive

  • F-500 is clean

  • Collateral damages are minimized through less extinguishing water usage

  • Lesser efforts in clearance with F-500 than with dry powder extinguisher

F-500 is Fast

  • Rapid heat reduction

  • Rapid extinguishing success

F-500 Encapsulator Agent is a surfactant and consists of molecules with a polar (hydrophilic) and a nonpolar (hydrophobic) part. This special composition of the molecules makes F-500’s features highly effective in fire-fighting.

Encapsulation: The formation of micelles can encapsulate a variety of liquid, gaseous, and solid substances through intensive mixing and are non-ignitable in the long run.

Surface Tension Reduction: The greater surface of the F-500 extinguishing water mixture leads to faster evaporation beginning at 70°C.

Surface Activity: The wetting agent effects help the F-500 extinguishing mixture to get through burning substances and existing cavities.

Rapid-Heat Reduction: The vaporization starts already at 70°C. The burning substances cool down under the ignition temperature.

F-500 Fire Extinguisher Suitable for Lithium-Ion Battery Fires

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