Swivel Blade LED Exit Light


  • Low power consumption
  • Compact low profile housing with unique multi-directional barrel mounting
  • 50,000 hr LED - Energy efficient, Long Life
  • Replaceable decals comply with current and previous standards
  • Photometric classification C0: D8 C90: E5
  • Quick fit install bracket for fast wall and ceiling mounting
  • Easy testing and maintenance
  • Premium range - High output

Swivel Blade LED Exit Light

$86.95 Regular Price
$75.10Sale Price
GST Included
  • When it comes to evacuation of a building during an emergency, led emergency exit lights play a crucial role.

    If a building catches on fire, led emergency exit lights may help people figure out where they are in the building. It can help them to get out of the building quickly and easily. There are many things, like this, that can help a person when they are in an emergency situation.

    In many cases, they can become very confused, especially in a fire when they are not getting enough oxygen because of the smoke that they are inhaling. They need to do whatever it takes to get out of the building. There are many different kinds of signs, but they are not all going to offer the same thing.

    When a person cannot see where they are going, they can become confused. Even though they are confused, they will be able to know that there is an exit there when they see an exit sign. This is what makes them so important.